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Monthly Archives: October 2017

How to Get Your Kids on Board With Healthy Eating

As adults, we know all too well just how much age can affect our bodies. It happens slowly and without notice, until one day, you realize that you need help getting out of a chair! If only you could go back in time and tell your younger self about the importance of eating healthily and staying active.

While there isn’t much you can do about the childhood version of yourself, or your aching bones and pains, it isn’t too late for your kids.

If you are looking to get your children interested in eating healthily and making better food choices when you aren’t with them, this article can help.

Take Your Time

Here’s the usual scenario.

  • A parent decides that their child needs to eat better.
  • One night, all of the delicious foods are removed and replaced with vegetables.
  • The child screams, yells, cries and throws things around (including the food).
  • Everybody gets stressed out.
  • At the end, the vegetables haven’t been eaten.

Seem familiar? We thought so.

Here is a better way to do it.

  • One night, include a vegetable on the plate as an additional item. Don’t say anything about it, even if it gets eaten or not. Just ignore it. Do this for a week.
  • The next week, replace one fried food item with a grilled alternative. Again, say nothing about it.
  • As the week progresses, continue to replace fried items.
  • During the third week, serve two or three meals made entirely from healthy ingredients. Again, say nothing.

Why say nothing each time? A good question.

As soon as your child knows that you are trying to change their eating habits, you will face resistance. However, if you simply ignore the fact that it is there, then it isn’t a big deal, and will often be eaten simply because everybody else is and nobody is making a big deal about it.

Appropriate Incentives

You should never bribe your child to do anything or perform any task because it will not help them later in life. However, establishing appropriate incentive can be a great way to keep them working towards a goal.

For example, if they eat all of the vegetables on their plate, they don’t have to wash the dishes that night. For a week’s worth of healthy eating, consider a small gift from the Groupon Coupons page for Soft Surroundings like a pair of slippers or some salt stones. Whatever it is that you use an incentive, be sure that it’s appropriate.

Use Flavors of Your Own

Just because fast food chains use flavors to keep their customers coming back doesn’t mean that you can’t employ the same tactics. Each time that you serve a new healthy food, be sure to also serve extra sauces and gravy with it, to help mask the new flavor. Then, as the food becomes a staple of their plate, start to provide less and less topping options, until eventually, all that is being used is some salt and a bit of pepper.

Getting your kids on board with healthy eating isn’t an impossible task, it’s just a difficult one. However, with the tips in this article, you can expect to see your kids eating healthy in no time!